WATCH: Tapper Reminds Dems “Parnas has a Serious Credibility Problem,” he’s not the “Second Coming of Theodore Roosevelt”

CNN’s Jake Tapper blasted Democrats parading Lev Parnas simply because he is speaking out against President Trump, reminding them he’s under indictment for campaign finance charges and has a “serious credibility problem.”

Jake Tapper:

We can’t ignore Parnas has a serious credibility problem. He’s under indictment for campaign finance charges. The foreign minister of Ukraine told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that he doesn’t trust a word Parnas is saying. And yet I see people out there on social media — Democrats — acting as if this guy is the second coming of Theodore Roosevelt or something.

Nia Malika-Henderson:

It’s true, and all of those reasons are why maybe people should want him to testify under oath.


Appearing on Rachel Maddow Parnas claimed Rudy Giuliani had told him to deliver a “harsh message” in a “harsh way” to Ukraine that more than military aid was at stake, but “all aid” unless they announced an investigation into the Bidens.

Lev Parnas:

It was a little more than that. Basically, the message that I was supposed to.. that I gave Sergey Schafer was that a harsh message that was told to give it to him in a very harsh way, not in a pleasant way. 

Rachel Maddow:

Who told you to give it to him in a harsh way?

Lev Parnas:

Mayor Giuliani. Rudy Giuliani told me after meeting at the Presidential White House. His message was, it wasn’t just military aid. It was all aid. Basically the relationships would be sour. That we would stop giving him any kind of aid. 


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