Sunny Hostin says she feels “threatened” if she sees “American flags, everywhere alongside Trump flags”

Defending NY Times columnist Mara Gay, Sunny Hostin of “The View” said she feels “threatened” if she sees “American flags, everywhere alongside Trump flags.”

“Remember, on January 6th, just a few months ago, you had the Capitol rioters tearing down the flag and replacing it with the Trump flag,” Hostin said. “You had them beating the police officers with the American flag. That’s what was going on just on January 6th. It is their country, not our country. I remember very well there was a Confederate flag being flown around in the United States Capitol. I also remember very well recently, when I was with my children in North Carolina in the outer banks with people in pick-up trucks with Confederate flags flying alongside the U.S. flag. That scared me. The same message was there. You don’t belong here. We belong here. I was afraid of that.”

“So, yes, when I drive into a neighborhood and it’s not July 4th and I’m not in a predominantly military household neighborhood and there are flags, American flags, everywhere, alongside Trump flags, alongside flags with stars in a circle, I feel threatened. The message is very clear. It’s a message of white supremacy. It’s a message of racism and it’s a message of their country, not my country. I don’t understand why that would receive backlash. People need to listen when I am saying this is how I feel. This is my experience in this country,” she added.