WATCH: Sunny Hostin Accuses Trump of Planning to Re-Open America to Line His Own Pockets

Tuesday on “The View,” host Sunny Hostin accused President Trump of planning to re-open business in America for his own financial interests.

Sunny Hostin:

This is America. We can save our grandparents if we just stay at home. That is not too much to ask for. And every single health expert is advising this president to continue to tell people to stay at home.

For him to just sort of flout that advice tells me that there is something in it for him. It tells me that there’s something economic in it for him.

When you look at trump’s personal businesses, you know that he is losing almost $500,000 a day because six out of his seven hotels are losing money.

They are shuttered every day, and that is why our Founding Fathers put the Emoluments Clause into the Constitution because our president should be more concerned about the lives of Americans rather than lining his own pockets, and I think that’s what this is really about.


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