WATCH: Stunning Video Shows Antifa Macing and Assaulting Citizen Journalist

Stunning video shared by Andy Ngo, who himself was brutally attacked by Antifa shows Antifa attacking and robbing local citizen journalist Brandon Brown.

Per Ngo:

Video recorded by antifa writer Shane Burley shows the mob harassing, assaulting & pepper spraying local citizen journalist Brandon Brown.

Brown was attacked & robbed by antifa militants for recording them in Olympia, Wash. in December.

The “orange liquid” sprayed over Brandon Brown’s face was bear mace. It’s an oil that burns & doesn’t easily wash off.

Antifa have been using it as a weapon of choice in attacks against journalists they dislike. Brown did nothing to provoke this violence:


In his GoFundMe, Brown offers a firsthand account and writes:

On Saturday, February 8, I again set out to cover an ANTIFA protest, this time in Portland, Oregon. When I arrived, I went directly to the police, who were stationed at a corner near the ANTIFA group, and asked if there was an area where they would like journalists to set up. I was told there was no such designated area, so I walked down the block to where I could see that several photographers and videographers had already gathered.

As I approached, the atmosphere seemed tense, but fairly calm, until someone sounded an alarm and threw a tennis ball at me, to direct the crowd’s attention to my location. Immediately I was surrounded by an angry mob, poking at me with sharp umbrella tips, throwing projectiles and spraying bear mace. I had done nothing to provoke this attack. I was surrounded. One girl jabbed my back with a sharp licence plate, of all things! A man threw a wine bottle, hitting me in the back. I was repeatedly punched and kicked. I continued filming, while backing away, toward the police presence. I was temporarily blinded by the bear mace which was purposely sprayed in my eyes.

Regular people who were unlucky enough to be walking through the area were trying desperately just to get away. I was eventually led by a police officer to their staging area, where there was first aid available. My eyes were rinsed, and I was told I had better leave the area because the police were leaving.

I was not the only one singled out for this attack. Shane Kohfield, who had attended wearing a sweat shirt he’d custom made to try and bring people together, (“Make America Great Again for Everyone!”) was assaulted and doused with black paint. I know of at least six other photographers who were harassed, assaulted and chased from the scene, yet the police stationed at the corner did not intervene. I find this situation incomprehensible!

I believe that it is very important that the actions of this group calling themselves ANTIFA be truthfully documented, otherwise I would not be doing this. They are a danger to the public. They purport to be counter protesters against fascism, yet that is false advertising. All this violence and vandalism very often takes place where there is no fascist group demonstrating to begin with.