WATCH: Stefanik says Governor Whitmer “should face investigations”

Appearing on Fox News, Rep. Elise Stefanik called for Governors who had nursing home policies like Cuomo to be investigated.

Stefanik if asked if she’s surprised that Govs. Phil Murphy of New Jersey, Tom Wolf on PA, and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan are receiving scrutiny for their nursing home orders.

She replied “well, they should face investigations, and again, as you remember, the mainstream media was holding Gov. Cuomo up as this bright, shining light. New Yorkers knew otherwise, particularly the thousands of New Yorkers who lost loved ones. So, unfortunately, Democratic governors across the country, rather than abiding by CDC and CMS guidelines, followed Gov. Cuomo’s illegal edict forcing nursing homes to take positive COVID patients. So, those governors should face investigations.”


Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, a Democrat, recently said she won’t investigate Governor Whitmer’s nursing home policy despite controversy, claiming to do so would be a “political attack.”

Nessel said her office can’t investigate whether decisions made quickly to contain COVID-19 constituted bad public policy if other alternatives were available. She said the Attorney General’s Office is limited to investigating criminal allegations, but there are none with the nursing home policies.

Nessel said in her response to requests for an investigation “though I will not hesitate to act when justified, I also will not abuse the investigatory powers of this Department to launch a political attack on any state official, regardless of party or beliefs.”

“I appreciate that you and your colleagues have policy disagreements with Governor Whitmer’s response to COVID-19. But an investigation by my office is not the mechanism to resolve those disagreements,” she added.