WATCH: Steele Accuses McConnell of “Head Fake,” Says “There Will Be No More Witnesses”

Michael Steele, the former chair of the RNC who is also a frequent critic of President Trump, appeared on MSNBC where he argued that Mitch McConnell used a “head fake” when he publicly said he does not have the votes yet to block witnesses.

Steele believes McConnell is playing a game and knows there is no 4th GOP Senator to vote with Democrats and force witnesses – the only 3 being Collins, Romney and Murkowski.

“There will be no more witnesses added to this conversation,” Steele predicts “This is pretty much over. I mean, I think we just need to wrap our heads around that and think about the longer game to come.”

Michael Steele:

Having been in the room and know particularly how Mitch McConnell plays his game, he doesn’t mind this little float out there where he goes, ‘Oh, I don’t know if I’ve got all the votes yet.’ Alright?

Head fake. McConnell knows every move he’s going to make before he makes it and the people in the room knows that when he’s done making those moves, it’s over. There’s no more ‘OK, you get to go out and play your game.’”


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