WATCH: Social Media Expert Claims THOUSANDS of Fake Bots Supporting Biden

A liberal social media expert has posted a video, that he says exposes Joe Biden’s campaign using “thousands of bots” to artificially boost his popularity and make it seem as if his messages is popular.

American Mirror reported that the self-proclaimed “technology activist” is calling out former vice president Joe Biden for attempting to dupe the American public into believing he has a lot more support online than he really does.

Terrence Daniels, a social media strategist at Real Progressives, posted a video to Twitter on Wednesday that exposes thousands of fake Twitter accounts bought to boost re-tweets and comments, a strategy designed to make it appear as though Biden’s message is resonating with Democrats.

“So we’re here at Joe Biden’s Twitter account, and we’re going to his statement about fake news,” Daniels said in the video, laughing at the irony.

“We go down here and we can see 6,000 likes and 1,000 re-tweets, which already should be putting up red flags,” he said.

Daniels scrolled the comments and clicked randomly on the user’s profile.

“You see this, this is a fake account,” Daniels said, showing the inactive account history. “Never tweeted. Never done anything.”

He repeated the process for other commenters and repeatedly came to the same conclusion – fake accounts regularly comment on and like Biden’s posts to artificially inflate his social media numbers.

“Again, boom. Fake account,” Daniels said as he clicked on another profile.

Watch the video: