WATCH: SNL Mocks Creepy Joe Biden’s “Hands On” Approach to Politics

Over the weekend, traditionally left-leaning “Saturday Night Live” brutally mocked former Vice President and possible 2020 presidential hopeful, Joe Biden, for his recent scandal involving a series of allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior.

8 separate accusers have now come out and are all tell a similar story as to how Biden made them uncomfortable.

Biden, who was seen by many as a potential threat to President Trump, has been plagued by recent allegations, leaving many to believe his chances at running are in peril.

While “Saturday Night Live” has focused much of its content around the Trump presidency throughout the past several years, the scathing portrayal of Biden indicates a tough road ahead for the former VP, should he continue eyeing the White House.


Last week, President Trump took to Twitter, where he welcomed back Joe Biden, by sharing a hilarious parody vide that roasted Biden’s “apology” and highlighted his “creepy hugs.”