WATCH: Shoppers hold down man who allegedly coughed and spit on produce

A viral video with nearly a quarter million views shows shoppers holding down a man who allegedly coughed and spit on produce at a Massachusetts grocery store.

Per Boston25, police are still investigating what happened after bystanders tackled that customer for causing this disturbance.

“It’s terrifying and no one should ever do that, even if it is a joke,” said Kyle Mann, who was shopping at that Stop and Shop on Saturday.

There, in Kingston, was where Mann saw a customer starting to get violent. He recorded video as bystanders tackled and pinned that man down until police arrived. Witnesses told police that man had coughed and spit on some produce.

“Especially with the CDC now recommending everyone wear face masks, someone doing this makes people more uncomfortable for people to leave their house to get necessary items,” Mann said. “And it’s honestly disgraceful.”

At this point Kingston Police say they have no reason to believe that individual has COVID-19, but he was taken to a hospital in Plymouth out of an abundance of caution.


Per the Kingston, Massachusetts Police Department:

The Kingston Police responded to Stop & Shop located at 160 Summer Street shortly before noon on Saturday 4/4/2020 for a report of a disturbance.

The investigation remains on-going. It is alleged that a 65 year old male from Duxbury was coughing and spitting and became confrontational with staff and witnesses. The incident escalated into a physical confrontation.

At this time, we have no reason to believe the individual has COVID-19. Out of extreme caution, the individual was transported to the BID-Plymouth Hospital to be evaluated. The individual was informed he is no longer welcome at the Kingston Stop & Shop (trespassed).

The party has been informed that the Kingston Police Department is pursuing an application for criminal complaint which may involve the following criminal charges: Assault & Battery w/ Dangerous Weapon (shod foot), Assault and Battery, Destruction of Property (produce).

The Kingston Police Department is not privy to the individuals medical records. The Kingston Board of Health was contacted and responded to Stop and Shop to ensure public safety. If appropriate, the Kingston and Duxbury Boards of Health (where the individual resides) will take any necessary actions to ensure public safety with the information they become aware of.