WATCH: “She spoke her mind…I love her for it” Waters defends Tlaib’s radical call for “no more policing”

Appearing on CNN, Rep. Maxine Waters defended Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s radical call for “no more policing.”

“Well, of course, we are all very, very anxious to get justice,” Waters said while asked to comment on Tlaib’s remarks. “We have lived with, you know, so many young black people, in particular, men and women, but certainly black men being killed and the officers getting away with it. The family left without having gotten justice. It goes on and on and on. So I can understand the disgust.”

“I can understand the feelings that so many have about,” she continued. “We’ve got to get some justice in both of these cases. And so, I know that my colleague speaks her mind. And she said what was in her heart. I understand that very well.

“I’m here today, because, number one, I want to show that there are members of Congress who really care about what is happening with these cases, and whether or not we’re going to get justice, or whether or not the police unions and the lies they tell are going to win. So she spoke her mind been, and I appreciate that, and I love her for it,” she added.