WATCH: Shannon Sharpe heaps praise on MLB for decision to move All Star game in protest

Co-Host of “Undisputed” Shannon Sharpe heaped praised on MLB for their decision to move the all-star game in solidarity with Democrats protesting Georgia’s new voting law.

Sharpe said. “I like the move by MLB. I like they’re taking a stand and Skip, at some point in time, you’re going to have to put action to your words. You say you’re about inclusion; you say you’re about doing the right thing — at some point in time, you have to … put those words into action.

“And that’s what they’re doing, Skip,” Sharpe continued. “Now, you’re going to be relegated to where you can take this game to because there’s a lot of other states that are doing the exact same thing as Georgia — Texas, Florida. So, Florida, you’re off the list. Texas, you’re off the list. There’s a lot of states that are doing the exact same thing that Georgia did.”