WATCH: Senator Johnson says Obama admin totally corrupted the transition of power

Appearing on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) argues that the Obama administration corrupted the transition of power.

Maria Bartiromo:

You are investigating the transition from the Obama transition into the Trump administration.

Can you walk us through what you have learned so far?

Senator Ron Johnson:

Well, first of all, we learned that what America is just admired for, the fact that both political parties respect the wishes of the American borders.

And so we have, throughout history, had a very peaceful and cooperative and I would even say well-wishing transition of power from one administration to the next.

What we saw was a total corruption of that before, during and after this transition. It’s incredibly serious. It amazes me how little attention the media is really paying to this aspect of it.

But we’re talking about potentially State Department involvement in helping obtain the Steele dossier and pushing that into the FBI. We’re talking about burrowing in. We see the — now what we know is corrupt investigations, the misuse of defensive briefings, all the media leaks.

And, of course, the Obama administration holdovers, what they did once they were inside the Trump administration to frustrate and sabotage his administration. So, this is a serious, serious internal attack and assault on our democracy, the most serious possibly in our history.

And the press is largely just ignoring it. We’re not going to ignore it. I’m going to get to the bottom. I’m going to find out what happened, because the American people deserve the truth.

Maria Bartiromo:

Yes. and, in fact, you mentioned media leaks. Let’s go through those, because the amount of media leaks in the first 125 days is actually stunning. Tell us what you learned, Senator.

Senator Ron Johnson:

Actually, a leak a day, 125 leaks in the first 126 days, and 62 of these leaks threatened national security, by President Obama’s own definition of that, because they were concerned about that as well.

They had eight leaks of a similar nature in Obama vs. the Bush administration, about nine. They had 62. President Trump had 62 that threatened national security. It was completely out of control.

And do you knows what — who leaked this information and what was falsely leaked to them? The news media. It was leaked to 18 different outlets. And I haven’t seen too much investigation, reporting, or investigatory reporting, from the media in terms of how they were either duped or complicit in this corruption of the transition process.