WATCH: Scott warns losing Georgia races could allow Dems to stock SCOTUS and “transform America into a socialist utopia”

Appearing on Fox News with Trey Gowdy, Sorth Carolina Senator Tim Scott warned that losing the 2 Georgia runoff races with Senate control in the line could result in helping Democrats stack the Supreme Court in their favor and turn the country into a “socialist utopia”

Scott called the races that will be determined in early January “the most consequential two Senate seats in all of America and all time.”

“We save the nation and continue to move in the right direction by having those two seats won by two Republicans on January the 5th,” Scott said “and we’ll spend a lot of time trying to make that happen.”

Discussing what is at stake if Republicans lose, Scott warned “It means the ability to add more justices to the Supreme Court. We’ve had nine justices for the last 150 years. They want to stack the courts so that they can continue to transform America into a socialist utopia. It just can’t happen.”