WATCH: Schweizer calls Hunter Biden selling art to anonymous buyers “genius, in a very corrupt way”

Appearing on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo, Author Peter Schweizer sounded off on Hunter Bidne selling his art to anonymous buyers for up to $500k per piece.

Maria asked “So, Peter, right now, Hunter is getting ready to sell art. He has told us that this is his new job. He is a first-time artist, no training, of course. The pieces are being priced between $75,000 and a half-a-million dollars apiece. You call this scheme genius. Why?”

“It is genius — in a very corrupt way, because what was the criticism of Hunter’s previous moneymaking schemes?” Schweizer replied.

“When he worked went to work for Burisma, the energy company, the criticism was he was getting a million dollars a year. He had no background in Ukrainian energy regulation, no background in energy. Well, art is different than the business world. It’s entirely subjective,” he continued.

“So, if somebody is prepared to send half-a-million dollars to an artist for a piece of art, who can question it? So, in that sense, it’s very genius. But this opens the gateway to massive corruption, Maria, because the art owner, the art partner that he has that’s going to be marketing his art has been very clear that he’s going to market these things overseas,” Schweizer explained.

“He’s been wanting to break into the Chinese art market for years. And the Senate, actually, in 2019 issued a report talking about how the art world is rife with money laundering and corruption involving foreign oligarchs, because it’s so hard to trace.So it’s a massively troublesome problem. And their explanations simply don’t carry any weight,” he added.