WATCH: Schumer sounds off on relationship with McConnell “Look, I try to get along with everybody”

Appearing on the late show with Stephen Colbert, Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer discussed his relationship with Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell.

“Look, I try to get along with everybody and” Schumer told Stephen Colbert “but he’s not very talkative. Let’s put it like that.”

Per TheHill, Schumer fumed in March when McConnell rejected his entreaties to hold bipartisan negotiations before drafting the phase three coronavirus bill and instead let GOP chairmen take the lead in putting together its core components.

The relationship hit a low point during the impeachment trial when Schumer repeatedly decried the process as a “sham” because McConnell refused to negotiate an organizing resolution calling for additional witnesses.

Asked about McConnell’s decision to reconvene the Senate next week even though the House is staying away from Washington on the advice of Congress’s attending physician, Schumer said Thursday he plans to be back in the Capitol.

“I’m going back as minority leader, but let me just say this: If we’re going to go back, let’s do something about COVID. We should have tough, strong hearings,” he said.