WATCH: Schumer Brings Up Possibility of Impeaching Trump Again

Speaking after the U.S. Senate voted to acquit President Donald Trump of two articles of impeachment, Senator Chuck Schumer told reporters that he was proud of his Democratic colleagues even though they failed to remove Trump.

Asked if he would put impeachment to bed, Schumer made it clear he won’t.

In fact, Schumer brought up the possibility of impeaching Trump again.

“The standard should be, did the president commit high crimes and misdemeanors? I think it’s conclusive that the president did,” Schumer argued.

“And if the president does it in three months, they should impeach him again. And if the next president does it, they should impeach him or her.”

Per TCO, shortly after President Trump ousted Lt. Col Vindman, Radley Balko an Opinion journalist for the Washington Post argued President Trump may have committed an impeachable offense if he punished Vindman for his testimony.


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