WATCH: Schiff reacts to SCOTUS rejecting Texas Lawsuit, calls GOP supporters “a danger to the country”

Moments ago, Rep. Adam Schiff appeared on MSNBC where he was asked about the Supreme Court rejecting the Texas lawsuit against four battleground states.

“What it was is, essentially, an effort to overturn our democracy, dressed up in shabby, legal clothing,” Schiff said “So, I don’t think the Supreme Court had to work very hard to reach the conclusion it did. What I find, frankly, so astonishing is that the lawsuit was filed, to begin with, and that so many of my colleagues in the GOP, including Kevin McCarthy, would lend their names to this effort to overturn our presidential election. And it makes you wonder, what do these people stand for? I mean, all the things they profess to believe in, all of the Constitutional oaths they took, apparently, are just meaningless to them.”

He continued “the only thing that, apparently, matters is perpetuation of their power. And that is just a such a danger to the country. And I don’t think we can write it off that, well, you know, they knew this would fail. It was a face-saving gesture. We’ve heard enough of that. The damage they’re doing continues to be long-lasting.”

“It’s like they’re stabbing the body politic but saying we’re not aiming for vital organs. They’re doing injury to the country, as it is. Right now, they are creating a permanent set of aggrieved Americans who feel the election was stolen from them. That is lasting damage. Whether they win or lose this lawsuit, whether they expected to lose it or not, these continuing, false claims about the election, this continuing fallacy that, somehow, millions voted improperly. It’s nonsense,” he added.