WATCH: Schiff Not Happy Bolton Rejected Offer To Submit Sworn Affidavit to House

Lead impeachment manager Adam Schiff, during appearances on CNN and MSNBC made it clear he’s not happy with John Bolton for rejecting an offer to submit a sworn affidavit to the house.

USAToday reports Rep. Adam Schiff, who served as the lead House impeachment manager in the trial of President Donald Trump, said former national security adviser John Bolton declined to sign an affidavit about what he knew after the Senate voted against calling more witnesses.

“After they voted to be the first impeachment trial in history without witnesses, we did approach John Bolton’s counsel, asked if Mr. Bolton would be willing to submit an affidavit under oath describing what he observed in terms of the president’s Ukraine misconduct, and he refused,” Schiff told MSNBC Wednesday night on “The Rachel Maddow Show.” 

“For whatever reason, he apparently was willing to testify before the Senate, but apart from that, seems intent on saving it for his book,” said Schiff, D-Calif. “He’ll have to answer for that.”