WATCH: Schiff claims Trump “on the way into office, acted corruptly” and doing the same on the way out

Asked about President Trump potentially preemptively pardoning his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) argues Trump acted corruptly coming into office and is determined to do the same on his way out.

Wolf Blitzer asked Schiff “If the president does indeed pardon, let’s say, Rudy Giuliani or any members of his family, would you see that — and I asked Preet Bharara this question — as essentially an admission of guilt?”

Schiff responded “I certainly would view it that way. I think millions of Americans would view it that way. If there was no belief in criminality, why would he think a pardon was necessary?”

He continued “But, nonetheless, you can see the president trying to lay the foundation for that kind of an inherently self-dealing and I think corrupt act by suggesting that vengeful Biden administration bureaucrats might go after him.”

“So, you see him laying the foundation. And this is a president who, on the way into office, acted corruptly, and I think is determined on the way out to do the same,” he added.