WATCH: Scenes of chaos in north Portland as rioters start fires all over

Last night another riot was declared in Portland.

Per the Portland Police Bureau:

On August 8, 2020, various mass gatherings occurred in Portland. One group marched down Northeast Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, while another group marched down Southeast 92nd Avenue. These groups were peaceful and the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) did not interact with the crowd.

Around 6:00 p.m., a group began to gather at Peninsula Park located in the 700 block of North Rosa Parks Way. The group grew to a few hundred people, while listening to speakers for almost four hours. The group was peaceful and the PPB did not interact with them. Around 9:50 p.m., the group began marching to the west, in the direction of the Portland Police Association (PPA) Office located in the 1800 block of North Lombard Street. As the group marched towards the PPA office, support vehicles escorted them, illegally blocking all other vehicle traffic. The group remained peaceful at that point.

By 10:30 p.m., the large group reached the PPA office. As the group approached, Portland Police began making public address announcements informing the crowd they were to not to engage in criminal activities. People within the crowd committed crimes when they erected a fence, pushed dumpsters into the street to block traffic, set a dumpster on fire, vandalized the PPA office with spray paint, and destroyed security cameras.

At 11:35 p.m., people within the crowd broke the window to the PPA Office, unlawfully entered, and started a fire, committing the crimes of criminal mischief, burglary, and attempted arson. Due to the criminal activity within the crowd, PPB declared a riot and gave repeated public address announcements for the crowd to disperse.