WATCH: Scalise slams Tlaib over “disturbing” call to defund ICE, CBP, and DHS

Appearing on Fox News, Rep. Steve Scalise slammed progressive “squad” member Rashida Tlaib over her radical call to defund ICE, CBP, and DHS.

Tlaib was asked how to “turn the tide” of preventing illegal migrants from entering the United States and responded “Look, the simple answer to that question is we must eliminate funding for CBP, ICE and their parent organization, DHS.”

“Time after time we have seen it as advocates on the ground, as human services agencies on the ground continue to see over and over again, that these agencies are inept to humanely guiding migrants through our immigration system and instead they further continue to terrorize migrant communities located within our communities,” she added.


Senator Tom Cotton also blasted Tlaib over her radical suggestion.