WATCH: Challenged by Chris Wallace, Scalise not ready to accept Biden win “let the legal process play out”

Appearing with Chris Wallace this morning, Rep. Steve Scalise indicated he was not yet ready to accept Biden has won the presidency and instead said “let the legal process play out”

“There’s ultimately going to be a conclusion to this,” Scalise said “but for now I think if you just discount the fact that millions of people wonder why in some states — Florida, Texas, large states — they had results by 10 o’clock that night, and then in other states it was days and weeks, and during those days and weeks you saw massive vote swings, that just seeds a lot of distrust. That’s got to get resolved.”

Asked about the Supreme Court rejecting the Texas case against 4 battleground states, Scalise reminded Wallace the merits of the case were not weighed in on “They didn’t take the case. They said Texas didn’t have standing.”

Asked about Monday’s imminent Electoral College vote, Scalise said “Let the legal process play out…If you want to restore trust by millions of people who are still very frustrated and angry about what happened, that’s why you’ve got to have this whole system play out. There will be a president sworn in on Jan. 20, but let’s let this legal process play itself out.”