WATCH: Scalise calls for Swalwell to be removed from the House Intel Committee

Appearing on Fox News Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) said “silence is deafening” from Democrats on Rep. Eric Swalwell’s reported connection to an alleged Chinese spy and said the bottom line is he needs to be removed from the House Intel committee.

Scalise said “A lot of people are asking him what was that relationship? How long back does it go?”

He continued “reports are that it goes back to when he was a councilman, long before he was in Congress and that the Chinese spy helped bundle money for him, actually helped infiltrate his office, got some other people in his office that were probably spies, and then he gets on the House Intelligence Committee in just his second term, which is very alarming. It doesn’t happen that often that quickly.”

“The bottom line is he should be removed,” Scalise concluded.