WATCH: Scalise Calls for Jail Time for FISA Process Abusers

During a recent interview on Fox News, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise revealed he wants to see jail time for those who abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act process during the Russia probe origins into President Trump’s campaign.

Steve Scalise:

The Durham report, I am hopeful, is going to literally name names. List the people who did abuse the FISA court and lay out penalties that then Attorney General Barr can go and carry out.

There is still a lot left to do by the attorney general to hold people accountable who abused the process, and I hope he does.

Again, to maintain the integrity of this program that’s important to national security, you have to hold the people accountable who abused it. And I hope that Attorney General Barr uses all the tools he has available.

I want him to have even more tools, but he does have some existing tools in place that he can use and hopefully will use when the Durham report comes out to hold those people accountable, and, frankly, I think people should go to jail for those abuses, and that’s still possible under current law.