WATCH: Scalise “we’re really at the beginning of the legal side of this”

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Rep. Steve Scalise weighed in on the Presidential election and raised concerns.

“We’re really at the beginning of the legal side of this,” Scalise said “Of course, you had election night Tuesday night. Then you had some states still counting, some very questionable things happen, especially when you look at many states that have the laws that allow a poll watcher to watch the counting. It’s part of the transparency process that’s a law in most states. That was not being followed. They were not allowing Trump’s poll watchers to watch what was going on. And, you know, what are you doing behind closed doors where you’re afraid to let other people watch you when the law says you have to?”

He continued “clearly, the Pennsylvania law, which is clear after 8 p.m. on Tuesday night, ballots can’t be counted, yet they were counting those ballots. The Supreme Court said you have to keep them separate. There were questions of whether or not they separated all of those ballots, and the secretary of state has yet to set how many they are. She’ll say, ‘Well, we don’t think it’s enough to be outside the margin.’ Well, then how many is it? Why aren’t they transport about these things?”

“These are laws on states’ books that aren’t being followed. Dead people have clearly been identified as having cast ballots. These are all things that raise very serious concerns, and it’s part of the legal process,” Scalise added.