WATCH: Sarah Sanders Says Biden Is No Moderate “he supports taxpayer funded abortion, free healthcare for illegals”

Appearing on Fox News to react to Joe Biden’s ascent to being on the verge of being the Democrats presumptive nominee, Sarah Sanders warned Biden could be a “dangerous and terrible” President.

Sarah Sanders:

Look, anyone whose been paying attention to Joe Biden on the campaign trail and frankly on the debate stage knows he’s been a terrible candidate.

But anyone who has listened to him state his policy positions knows he’s extremely liberal and would make an even more dangerous and terrible President.

Let’s not forget that he has moved so far to the left. Joe Biden is no moderate. He supports taxpayer funded abortion, free healthcare for illegals, wants to eliminate fracking, supports the Green New Deal which would kill millions of jobs. He’s fighting against the second amendment.

This is not someone Democrats can claim is in the middle and is a moderate by any stretch of the imagination.


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