WATCH: Sarah Sanders RIPS Amash, “He’s Not Worth the Time”

On Wednesday, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders fired back at Republican lawmaker Justin Amash, who has repeatedly called for the impeachment of President Trump recently.

“I don’t think Congressman Amash is worth the time of the White House,” Sanders told reporters, appearing to echo sentiments of other Trump allies who see Amash’s antics as a way to seek attention.

In response to special counsel Robert Mueller’s brief statement on Wednesday, Amash urged Congress to continue with impeachment proceedings against the president.

When asked about growing calls to remove Amash during the primary elections, and whether President Trump would support a challenger, Sanders replied, “let the president make that determination.”

In a separate statement on Wednesday, President Trump’s campaign adviser Brad Parscale similarly accused Amash of being a “phony” libertarian, and called him a “grandstanding swamp creature.”