WATCH: Sarah Sanders Fires Back at Nadler, “HE Should Step Down and Resign”

Speaking on Thursday, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders fired back against House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Democrat Jerry Nadler, for his repeated demands for US Attorney General William Barr’s resignation.

In the wake of the Mueller report, which ultimately cleared President Trump of collusion and obstruction allegations which long-plagued his administration, Barr has increasingly faced outrage from Democrats, who demand his continued testimony on the matter.

After choosing not to testify before House Democrats, AG Barr elicited further anger, prompting Nadler and others to continue calls for his firing.

“It’s surprising to find out [Nadler] has actually lost confidence in himself and his capability to do his job,” said Sanders. “If he can’t, and he’s not capable of asking the Attorney General questions, maybe he should step down and resign, and allow someone else to?”