WATCH: Sanders Asked “Do you want to run for president again?” says “I think the likelihood is very very slim”

Asked if he’d like to run for President again, 78 year old Senator Bernie Sanders replied.

“I think the likelihood is very very slim at that. I think next time around you’re going to see another candidate carrying the progressive banner.”


Per Fox News, in 2015, Sanders launched a longshot bid for the Democratic nomination. But his campaign caught fire and he ended up battling Hillary Clinton to the end of the primary and caucus calendar before backing the eventual nominee in the summer of 2016.

Sanders announced his second bid for the White House in February of last year, and was the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in February thanks to winning the New Hampshire primary and a landslide victory in the Nevada caucuses. But former Vice President Joe Biden rebounded with a rout of Sanders and the rest of the remaining Democratic White House hopefuls in the South Carolina primary at the end of February, followed by a series of sweeping victories in March.

Sanders suspended his campaign last month and endorsed Biden. The senator told the Washington Post on Monday that even on his worst day, Biden “will be 1,000 times better than Trump on his best day.”

But he once again pointed out that he and the presumptive nominee “have very serious disagreements on policy.”

And taking aim at Biden’s push for a public option to bolster ObamaCare rather than support Sanders’ signature push for a government-run, Medicare-for-all single-payer health care system, the senator said: “It’s just hard for me to imagine how anybody can defend the current structure of our health care system.”