WATCH: Saagar: Biden’s Disastrous TV Appearance Shows He’s Unfit To Lead In A Crisis

In a recent segment of HillTV, Saagar Enjeti talks about Joe Biden’s lackluster crisis ideas, most of which have already been implemented by Trump.

Enjeti also argues Biden’s disastrous TV appearances shows he’s unfit to lead in a crisis.


Washington Examiner reports Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden misspoke Monday during an interview concerning the coronavirus, calling the Chinese city of Wuhan “Luhan province.”

“I suggested we should have people in China at the outset of this event when it all started — in Luhan province,” Biden said during an interview Monday on MSNBC. Health officials believe the virus outbreak began in Wuhan, which is in China’s Hubei province. There is no “Luhan province” in China.

It is at least the second time Biden has called Wuhan “Luhan.”

Since the outbreak began in the United States, reporters have pressed Biden on how he would deal with the pandemic if he were president.

“What we should be doing is sending supplies to the places that are surging in crisis,” Biden said Monday. “We need a truth teller. We don’t need the kind of language the president is using.”

Biden has taken flak from his political opponents for a bevy of misstatements or embellishments in debates or events along the campaign trail.

“For sleepy Joe, he doesn’t even know where he is, what he is doing, or what office he is running for,” the president said at a rally in North Carolina in early March. “It doesn’t matter. Maybe he gets in, because he is a little more moderate, so maybe he gets in, but he’s not going to be running it. Other people are going to.”