WATCH: Rush Says He’s in a “State of Disbelief” After Medal of Freedom Surprise

Rush Limbaugh told reporters from TMZ he is going to need a few days to recover from the shock of receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


Per NPR, the president invited Rush Limbaugh, the popular conservative talk-radio host, to attend his address. Limbaugh had just announced a day earlier that he was diagnosed with advanced-stage lung cancer.

“Almost every American family knows the pain when a loved one is diagnosed with a serious illness,” the president noted. But then Trump announced, in a dramatic fashion, that he was bestowing the “highest civilian honor” to Limbaugh.

As cameras focused in on the commentator’s apparently surprised face, the president then went on to say that instead of waiting for a White House ceremony to mark the honor, he was making it official in the middle of his speech.

First lady Melania Trump then stood up and draped the prestigious medal on a blue ribbon around Limbaugh’s neck. Cheers erupted in the chamber, and many Republicans stood and applauded the unexpected and emotional moment.


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