WATCH: Rubio Offers Ice Cream to Pelosi “if you will fund small business and stop holding it hostage”

Marco Rubio posted a video on Twitter, offering Ice cream to Nancy Pelosi in exchange for funding small businesses.

Rubio says in the video “I will give you all the ice cream I have in here, Madam Speaker, if you will fund small business and stop holding it hostage.”


Per TCO, Nancy Pelosi was ripped on Twitter for showing off her expensive fridge / freezer combo that apparently retails for over $20k as well for the combo and specialty ice cream collection while ordinary Americans suffer.

The paired refrigerator/freezer costs roughly $21k, which could presumably be around $24k after tax and shipping costs.

Pelosi tweeted “We all have found our ways to keep our spirits up during these trying times. Mine just happens to fill up my freezer”

John Cardillo wrote “People are losing everything while you joke about your wealth.@SpeakerPelosi really is a reprehensible person.”

Steve Guest wrote “While Nancy Pelosi sits in her ivory tower in San Francisco, eating $13 dollar a pint ice cream out of her $24,000 fridge, she is cheering on Democrats for blocking coronavirus relief aid that has so far been distributed to 1.3 million small businesses that is about to run out”

James Woods wrote “Her two refrigerators together cost $24,000 for her specialty chocolate ice creams, but she hates the small business owners of America. “Let them eat cake.”

Meanwhile, 2020 candidate Joe Biden saw nothing wrong, writing “You have great taste, @SpeakerPelosi.”

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