WATCH: Rosie “I went from Warren to Biden…because I want to get rid of Trump”

After her first choice candidate she supported, Elizabeth Warren announced she was dropping out, Rosie O’Donnell has shifted her support to Joe Biden.

Asked “Does Biden have what it takes?” Rosie replies “I think he’s our best option and we’re gonna go all in for him and get together as the democratic force and get rid of him because our nation deserves better.”

TMZ reports Rosie O’Donnell’s taking her presidential support for Elizabeth Warren and putting it behind Joe Biden — like it or not — because she feels he’s the best person still in the race who can send Donald Trump packing.

It’s not necessarily a ringing endorsement … nevertheless, we got Rosie outside the Belasco Theatre in NYC Thursday night, and she tells us she’s “all in” for Biden now.

She believes the Democrats must and will come together to win in November, something she says the country desperately needs. In case it’s not clear — she thinks Trump’s the absolute worst … and America deserves better.

As for why Biden and not Bernie Sanders … Rosie believes Bernie has a ceiling and he’s already hit it, and he’ll eventually join the Democratic force too.

Don’t count out Warren in the future, though. Rosie makes it clear her favorite ex-candidate’s not done doing great things.


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