WATCH: Romney says he’s a “deficit hawk” but “this is a crisis” and the time to “borrow money”

Speaking at a Congressional news conference on coronavirus relief Tuesday, Utah Senator Mitt Romney said he’s a “deficit hawk” but “COVID has created a crisis” and now is the time to “borrow money.”

“COVID has created a crisis, and in a crisis the people expect Congress to act, and this group has come together to propose action that could respond to this crisis,” Romney said.

“We’ve got people unemployed. We’ve got businesses shutting down. We’ve got states and localities getting ready for layoffs of large numbers of people,” he continued. “It’s simply unacceptable for us not to respond to help in this circumstance. Now I happen to be a deficit hawk. I don’t like borrowing money. I don’t like spending money we don’t have.”

“But the time to borrow money, maybe the only time to buy money — borrow money, is when there is a crisis, and this is a crisis. We want to help people at this particular time,” he added.