WATCH: Republicans blast Amazon for selling “Blue Lives Murder” Apparrel

Multiple Republican lawmakers blasted online retailer giant Amazon for having on their site “Blue Lives Murder” apparel amid an increase of ambush attacks against police.

Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn told Fox News “The callous attitude of disregard and derision toward law enforcement, projected by corporate media and large corporations, runs contrary to every concept of Americanism.”

“In this country we must honor and respect those who walk the beat, who wear the badge, and risk their lives for us,” he continued. “When a burglar breaks into your home, it’s a law enforcement officer who responds. We sleep peacefully at night because good men stand watch at the door.”

“There’s nothing ‘woke’ about deriding law enforcement. It’s wrong, plain and simple,” he added.

Texas Republican Rep. Pat Fallon said “When you demonize police you are going to demoralize police. The police are our heroes. As citizens, we are not free when we are not safe. We pay them to go into harm’s way to protect us and our families and they do a phenomenal job.”

“Woke corporations that promote false narratives about law enforcement and censor conservative speech should be held accountable,” he added.