WATCH: Rep. Nunes “We Knew From Essentially Day One” Flynn “Was innocent”

Congressman Devin Nunes examines recently unsealed FBI documents revealing that General Michael Flynn was set up by top FBI officials and discusses how the House Intelligence Committee Republicans’ Russia investigation report proved General Flynn’s innocence on ‘Mornings with Maria,’

Devin Nunes:

So you know, we’re running an investigation, but the problem is, is that you know, we have a small team on the House Intelligence Committee, but the bottom line with Flynn, is this — Maria.

We knew from essentially day one, early on in 2017, and that he was innocent. How do we know that? Because the top officials at the FBI told us so. This wasn’t rocket science. Then you talked about the report that we did, so we have the gold standard.

The House Republican report is really the gold standard of reports. In fact, there are no other reports to even look at because the others are all based on lies or innuendo or corruption, OK?”

So our report was right at the time, and you may recall this, but we had to fight for nearly two months. Our report we put it out, we said there was no evidence of collusion.


In a separate appearance on Lou Dobbs, Nunes elaborated.