WATCH: Rep. Malliotakis slams Omar, says “having her in Congress, I think, is detrimental for our nation”

Appearing on Fox News, Republican Rep. Malliotakis slammed Ilhan Omar as “a liability” to the country, and called for her removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“She is a liability to that committee,” Malliotakis said.

“When I went to Israel in 2019, I spoke to citizens … They for the first time saw the United States was wavering in its support for Israel because of members like Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is a liability to the committee and she’s a liability to the United States of America,” Malliotakis continued.

“Having her in Congress, I think, is detrimental for our nation and it’s very unfortunate because she came to this country as a refugee, just like my mother did from Cuba. She should have a profound appreciation for the opportunity that this nation has given her — that she could rise to become a United States member of Congress,” she declared.

“But unfortunately, she repeatedly badmouths our nation and she does it publicly and it’s not somebody who should be on the foreign affairs committee representing our nation to other nations,” she added.