WATCH: Rep. Ken Buck “I absolutely am in favor of giving the American people $2,000”

Appearing on Fox and Friends Saturday, Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) spoke out in favor of $2k checks for Americans instead of $600, a move President Trump has been pushing.

“I absolutely am in favor of giving the American people $2,000. I think it’s the right move. I think the president’s absolutely right,” Buck said “but that’s only part of what the president is suggesting. Nancy Pelosi gave the members of the House just a few hours to read 6,000 pages of legislation. She did that because she had stuffed this bill full of pork.”

H continued “What the president is saying is, make America first. Bring America — make America the priority, so stop funding foreign projects in a COVID relief bill, knock that out, and take that money and use it to fund the — and give the American people a $2,000 check.”

“If Nancy Pelosi does that, I think she’ll get overwhelming Republican support. She’ll certainly have my support, but just to add a $2,000 payment instead of a $600 payment to the pork that’s in the bill is just unacceptable,” he added.