WATCH: Rep. Jordan “He should not concede…instinctively everyone knows there are problems with this election”

Appearing on Newsmax, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) made the case that President Trump should not concede.

“He should not concede. Everyone knows, instinctively everyone knows there are problems with this election,” Rep. Jordan argued “I mean you can look at the fact you know 75 million people, 75 million people, he increased his total by ten to 11 million. We won 27 out of 27 toss-up states.”

He continued “He increases his votes with Hispanic Americans, African-Americans. State legislatures that Republicans control we kept all those plus, increase those numbers. You can just go down the line, he won 19 of the 20 bellwether counties. He won Ohio by eight, Florida by three yet somehow he doesn’t win. So we know we need to look at all this.”

“There is a number of lawsuits that are pending, the one that was filed in Texas today regarding several states. Let’s see how that all shakes out. Let’s get to the bottom of this for the well being of the country,” he added.