WATCH: Rep. Gohmert Talks His Push to “Ban the Democratic Party” Over Slavery Ties

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Rep. Gohmert was asked about his push to “ban the Democratic party.”

Rep. Gohmert:

Well everybody knows that…or they should if they don’t that slavery has been pushed and protected by the Democratic party. 

That’s where it come from, that’s where the defenses come from, and it wasn’t just in the 1800s after the civil war, they’re the ones that have been protecting it, they’re the ones that push Jim Crow laws.

They’re the ones that did not support the 14th and 15th amendment at all. No support from the Democratic party. 

Even the 1924 Democratic convention was called the “KLAN BAKE” because of the Ku Klux Klan’s influence that were an extension of the Democratic party. 

So if we’re gonna hold the Democrats to the same standard that they want to hold everyone else to and get rid of any vestiges of slavery, it means getting rid of the Democratic party and so we’re just trying to hold them to the same standards they want to hold everyone else to.