WATCH: Rep. Gaetz Shares SHOCKING Video of Illegal Border Crossings “This is a Crisis”

On Tuesday, Republican lawmaker Matt Gaetz shared a startling video from the US-Mexico border near Yuma, Arizona, explaining that during a recent trip, lawmakers “saw over 70 people detained in that area alone.”

“This is a crisis,” Gaetz said, echoing calls from other Republicans and law enforcement officials who have repeatedly stressed the need to address the growing numbers of migrants being detained at the border.

Gaetz stressed the dire need for a physical barrier at the Colorado River near Yuma, where there is currently no barrier, explaining that the region is “one of the principal areas of human smuggling.”

Conservatives on social media also pointed out that other states, such as New Mexico, are experiencing similar problems, while encouraging Gaetz and other Republicans to continue fighting for increased border security.