WATCH: Rand Paul says “nefarious rich individuals” could be financing riots

Appearing with Judge Jeanine on Fox News, Senator Rand Paul suggested that “nefarious rich individual” could be financing riots.

Judge Jeanine asked Senator Paul “I understand that at least one person has been rested from the angry mob who attacked you and your lovely wife, Kelley. Do you have any confidence that there will be consequences for the people who are being arrested in these mobs?”

Paul replied “I think it’s the only way we can stop this as people who break the law have to be arrested. There has to be a punishment. Unfortunately, the man that tried to get to us, who tried to knock the policeman down to get to us was arrested for punching the policeman and causing a cut that required stitches around the policeman’s eye.”

He continued “But then he was released on his own recognizance, which means, I assume no bail and he’s just gone. In fact, I sort of sarcastically said on Twitter today, if you’re looking for him, you might try Kenosha. But this is not funny. I mean, these protesters, we now have pictures of protesters who have been in Portland, Kenosha, Louisville, and D.C. The question is, who is financing this and who is flying them around?”

“It really is a federal crime to incite riot and to fly people around to instigate violence. And I think that’s what’s happening. And yes, we’ve got to get to the bottom of this one person at a time, and once we have suspicion or probable cause, we need to ask a judge for a warrant and they need to look at their financial records and see — for this.” Paul added.

Judge Jeanine then asked “Right. OK. But do you have an idea of who might be financing this?

Paul replied “No and — but we do need to get to the bottom of this because there’s one or two possibilities, it could be nefarious rich individuals who want to foment violence in our cities, or it could be less sinister but still equally as bad.”

He continued “Black Lives Matter is out there collecting corporation money from corporations who want to show the public that they’re not racist. But these corporations need to know if that money is going to Black Lives Matter and if Black Lives Matter is giving it to hooligans to cause and create havoc in cities.”

“Someone has to trace the money. I don’t know the answer yet. But I certainly think we need to know” the Kentucky Senator added.