WATCH: Psaki asked about NY Times report that Kerry allegedly revealed sensitive information to Iranians about Israel

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to answer a question about a NY Times report that alleges John Kerry may have revealed sensitive information about Israel to Iran while serving as Secretary of State for former President Obama.

The reporter said. “I have one question about foreign policy, and then another about COVID here. So, the first one is: In tapes obtained by the New York Times, Iran’s foreign minister says that former Secretary of State John Kerry informed him that Israel attacked Iranian interests at least 200 times.”

“You know, as the secretary has shifted roles, he still continues to represent the United States on a world stage,” he continued, then asking “does the president have any comment or reaction to Kerry telling the Iranians about covert military action on the part of Israel?”

Psaki refused to answer the question, instead saying “we’re not going to comment on leaked tapes.”