WATCH: Psaki asked about if Biden has “any second thoughts” about “Neanderthal” comment

Thursday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked by a reporters “Does the President have any second thoughts about the language that he used yesterday? And how does comparing someone to a “Neanderthal” help convince them to change course and get on board with your public health message?”

President Biden had blasted Texas and Mississippi decisions to lift restrictions on businesses and end mask mandates “a big mistake” and “neanderthal thinking.”

Psaki replied “The behavior of a Neanderthal, just to be very clear. The behavior of.”

She continued “Look, I think the President …what everybody saw yesterday was a reflection of his frustration and exasperation, which I think many American people have, that for almost a year now, people across the country have sacrificed and, many times, they haven’t had the information they need from the federal government. They haven’t had access to a greater understanding of what the public health guidelines should look like. And those include many, many people in Mississippi, in Texas, in Ohio, Florida, and every state across the country.”