WATCH: Protesters wreak havoc at LA Shopping Complex “The Grove,” Rodeo Drive

KABC reports after a night of violence in downtown Los Angeles that led to 500 arrests, a mostly peaceful demonstration Saturday near The Grove and Rodeo Drive devolved in the afternoon, with protesters setting a Los Angeles Police Department kiosk and several vehicles on fire, breaking store windows and covering buildings with graffiti.

Thousands of demonstrators descended on the Fairfax District and Beverly Hills as part of a series of protests over the in-custody death of George Floyd, committing multiple incidents of vandalism.

Chaotic scenes erupted across the area. Looters were seen destroying an ATM on Melrose Avenue, which was eventually taken away by a group of looters, as a fire burned about a block away near the Adidas store. Others were seen smashing store fronts, including at least one person who took a hammer to a store window.

The Grove

Just before 7 p.m., police responded to the Nordstrom store at The Grove in Los Angeles after it was broken into. A skirmish erupted between police and protesters in front of the store.

Police quickly moved protesters out of the area, with some officers using non-lethal weapons. AIR7 HD was over the scene as several people were seen running out of the store.

A kiosk for the LAPD at The Grove was set on fire, and thick plumes of smoke were seen shooting into the sky.

The Ray Bans store was seen with shattered glass.

Rodeo Drive

Sign-carrying demonstrators chanted “Eat the rich” on Beverly Hills’ famed shopping street Rodeo Drive. Signs carried by protesters included, “George Floyd did not deserve to be murdered,” “Justice for George Floyd” and Black lives matter.”

Many protesters ignored physical distancing recommendations.

Stores on Rodeo Drive, like other nonessential stores throughout the state, have been closed since early March due to stay-at-home orders related to the coronavirus pandemic.

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