WATCH: Protesters Launch Fireworks at Chicago Police Guarding Columbus Statue

A stunning aerial view video captured by WGN TV news shows Protesters launching fireworks and other items at Chicago police officers guarding the Columbus statue in Grant Park.


Per BPR, at least 18 Chicago Police Department officers were injured and some taken to nearby hospitals for treatment Friday night after a mob of 1,000 left-wing extremists showed up at Grant Park in hopes of tearing down a statue of Christopher Columbus.

Watch scenes of the extremists surrounding the statue, attacking police officers and also grabbing a journalist’s camera from her hands

Alice Lin:

After realizing some of the CPD units left to guard the Columbus statue, the crowd marches/runs over, chants F*ck 12. Items are being thrown over

“We don’t want them to shoot us” as someone throws fireworks

Black Lives Matter rioters are stoning Chicago police who are defending a Christopher Columbus statue.

And on the other side, here were a few protesters who first blocked my camera and then proceeded to try to take it out of my hands — this was not live Afterwards, a few other protesters came to ask if I was okay and if I would refrain from filming protesters’ faces