WATCH: Protesters in Iran Chant “Soleimani Was a Murderer, His Leader is Too”

Social media users are sharing stunning footage of anti-government protests in Iran.

The protests follow Iran conceding they shot down a Ukranian aircraft, killing 176 innocent civilians.

According to Hadi Niii from the BBC, one of the chants is.

“Soleimani was a murderer, his Leader is too”

Only a few days ago many pundits and analysts were suggesting Iranians will rally around the flag post citing the “size of the crowds at the funeral” as evidence!

Protestors are chanting:
“Suleimani is a murderer…his Supreme Leader is also a murderer”

The chants against regime officials are getting bolder and are breaking more taboos in today’s ongoing anti-regime protests in Tehran

“Commander of all forces (Khamenei). Resign! Resign!”

Iranians are angry with their rulers for shooting down a civilian airplane that killed 176

“The Islamic Relublic must be destroyed!”

Protesters in Tehran, January 11, 2020

“Our enemy is right here;
They lie when they say it’s the US” in Esfahan
January 11, 2020

Now Tehran

The rebel forces are threatening the people to end the protests. They killed 1,500 protesters in November.