WATCH: Protesters hurl objects at police, set off fireworks in Rhode Island

Protesters in Rhode Island hurled objects at police and set off fireworks in a chaotic night of clashes.

The violence came after a rally to support Jhamal Gonsalves, a man injured in a police-involved moped accident Sunday and drew hundreds.

According to ABC6, Representatives of Black Lives Matter Rhode Island and other activist groups spoke alongside members of Gonsalves’ family.

Darren Botelho shared multiple videos of the chaos that later ensued.

“More fireworks going off”

“Police warning protesters to move back; glass bottles flying though air”

“Fireworks being set off as crowd slowly disperses ”

You can see in upper left-hand corner several objects hurled at police from protesters @ABC6

“Chaotic scene as protesters and police continue to clash”

“Protesters running from direction of police department. Woman tells @ABC6 protesters throwing objects at police”