WATCH: Protesters form blockade on road leading to Mount Rushmore, park and disable vans

Protesters formed a blockade on the road leading to Mount Rushmore, parking and disabling vans. The vans were later towed per Erin Bormett:

Bormett  later wrote:

I believe they are preparing to tow the vans. The vehicles intentionally are missing some wheels.

Protestors have been given a 30 minute time period to leave, which will end at 7:00 pm. A speaker at the protest has said that they will stay even if law enforcement tries to remove them. He also said that those who choose to leave are just as much warriors as those who stay

“Today has been a proud day to be Lakota. We shut down Mount Rushmore. We put this place in lockdown for three hours and we did it in a good way. We got this power from our ancestors”

Said by Nick Tilsen of the NDN Collective.

Fifteen people are left. They have been given a 5 minute warning.

Protesters left, who are intending to be arrested when time runs out, requested that cameras turn away while they pray in the middle of the road. Three minutes left.