WATCH: Pro-Life Supporters Call Out Brian Sims at MASSIVE Rally at Philly Planned Parenthood

Philadelphia Dem Rep. Brian Sims has caused quite a stir by verbally abusing an elderly lady who was praying in front of a Planned Parenthood.

He posted the video on Twitter and now, state Republicans want him investigated.

Watch the video: reported that conservative writer/author Matt Walsh called for a “huge pro-life rally” in the Democrat’s backyard.

The rally is at the Planned Parenthood facility, which is across the street from where Sims lives.

“This coward is accosting women and children at this clinic in Center City,” Walsh tweeted. “Let’s organize a huge pro-life rally at this location. I’d be happy to drive up there. Who’s game? Let’s see if Brian is man enough to show up when there’s more than just kids and elderly women there.”

Well, the pro-life movement did “bring it” Friday. By the hundreds.

Watch the videos: